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Watch Gigi Hadid Find Out She Booked Her Dream Modeling Gig for Victoria's Secret

It's the most heartwarming thing you'll see all day.
Photo: Victoria's Secret PINK

Photo: Victoria's Secret PINK

If you're a fan of bubbly blonde model Gigi Hadid, you know that she hasn't exactly been secretive about what her "dream job" would be — and that's booking a spot on the runway at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. While the 20-year-old California girl has seemed ideal for the lingerie giant's aesthetic since she hit the scene (bouncy hair, suntanned skin, a megawatt smile), it was made pretty public that she didn't make the cut last year, and how upset she was about it. In an interview with Glamour, her mom Yolanda Foster said: "Gigi worked so hard to get the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and she didn’t get it [...] She was sad. She was boxing at Gotham gym every day and in great shape, and it seemed like a perfect fit. But you know what? It ended up not to be."

Well, those two-a-day workouts and summertime gigs for Pink have paid off, because on Thursday night, Hadid and Victoria's Secret shared the below video of the model nailing her audition for the show — and booking it. Not only did the moment bring Gigi to tears, but it also inspired her sister, Bella (whose boyfriend The Weeknd is performing during the event) to take to Twitter with an emotional congratulatory message. We're feeling the love! 

Watch the big moment for yourself — it's the most heartwarming thing you'll see all day.

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