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More Men Than Women Are Searching Google for Hairstyle Advice Now

The men want their man buns.
Men looking for answers. Photo: Imaxtree

Men looking for answers. Photo: Imaxtree

You'd think the answer to the query "how to grow a man bun" would be fairly self-evident — "do not cut it" — but apparently not. This year, that particular question was one of Google's most-searched phrases related to man buns, which was in turn one of the biggest beauty trends clocked by the tech giant. (Understandably, guys also wanted to know "how to tie a man bun.")

In fact, 2015 was a big year for men's hair care, according to a report on recent beauty trends released by Google on Thursday. For the first time ever, the search engine registered more interest in men's hair care than in women's — about 6 percent more, to be specific. Along with the man bun, a Don Draper-esque comb-over also got a lot of search love. 

As for the ladies, goddess braids and silvery gray hair were among the top search trends; queries related to rainbow hair, too, grew by 148 percent this year.

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What's the point? Mainly that the men's hair care market is big and only getting bigger, so marketers should be listening to what guys want and then acting fast. Google says that just 1 percent of searches for men's hairstyle trends surfaced an advertisement, meaning very few brands are making use of "the opportunity to be relevant in the moment." 

To arms!