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A Grace Coddington Movie is in the Works

We also talked hair and Halloween with Sofia Coppola and Fran Lebowitz at an event for their hair color guru, Louis Licari.
Fran Lebowitz, Sofia Coppola, Louis Licari and Grace Coddington. Photo: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Fran Lebowitz, Sofia Coppola, Louis Licari and Grace Coddington. Photo: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington became something of a household name after her breakout role in the 2009 documentary "The September Issue." She subsequently wrote and published a fascinating memoir, which Sony, for a time, considered adapting into a film or TV series. As far as we knew, nothing came of those discussions, but Coddington confirmed to us on Tuesday that a film adaption of her book is, in fact, in the works, though not with Sony.  "A company called A24 bought the rights to it," she said. (A24 was behind Sofia Coppola's 2013 film "The Bling Ring, " as well as "Ex Machina" and "Obvious Child.") "It's a very slow business compared to the fashion business," she added. So it could be sometime before we get more details about the project.

When we spoke, Coddington was co-hosting the reopening of Louis Licari's Fifth Avenue salon in New York City. You may know Licari from the ambush makeovers he and Jill Martin execute every Thursday morning during Kathy Lee and Hoda's "Today Show" hour. But incidentally, he's also responsible for the manes of three of the smartest, most creative and iconic women around: Coddington, Sofia Coppola and Fran Lebowitz.

Approaching these three women, huddled together at the crowded event, would be intimidating for anyone; but as someone whose longtime Sofia Coppola obsession verges on creepy, I was practically cowering in fear. Of course, all three women were lovely, Lebowitz a veritable machine of sardonic one-liners. "Which one of us is the most fashionable?" she asked me with a straight face when I said I was with Fashionista. "You're all style icons, perhaps for different people," I answered. Her response: "You should run for office."

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Fran Lebowitz, Grace Coddington, Sofia Coppola. Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Fran Lebowitz, Grace Coddington, Sofia Coppola. Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

Lebowitz has been going to Licari since her early 30s to cover up grays, Coppola since she was 18. Coddington makes trips to his salon every two to three weeks to keep up her signature red.

The topic then switched to Marc Jacobs, whose fall 2015 ad campaign stars (among others) Coppola, a longtime muse, model and collaborator. Asked if she has a favorite personal memory of Jacobs, she thought for a while, and recalled: "One Halloween a million years ago, he bought me a little boy's cop uniform and it fit me perfectly, and it was probably my chicest Halloween costume." Amazing.

Speaking of Halloween, Coddington and Lebowitz have had the unique experience of seeing people dressed up as them for the holiday: "I've seen numerous people dress up as me for Halloween; very few of them are girls, however, which is somewhat disconcerting," said the latter. "I know there was a lot when 'The September Issue' first came out," said Coddington. "There was a deal where you could get Anna and myself — two wigs, the little bob and the red wig [together]."

With that anecdote, we may have unlocked the secret to becoming iconic: maintaining a signature hairstyle for a long period of time. We asked Licari if he had any tips for finding that perfect, flattering look: "It's all about face shape, complexion, eye color... I look at hair color first," he said. "You want to go to a professional so they can look at you with a fresh eye and they can lead you down the right road." I was sold — if Licari's good enough for Coppola (whose sophisticated lob and natural-looking highlights I've long admired), he'd be good enough for me — not that I'd likely ever be able to get an appointment.