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Luxury Brand, BreeLayne, Is Hiring A Sales Manager In Los Angeles

The ideal candidate will understand how to maximize sales with retail partners, create and leverage business development opportunities throughout all international markets.
Image from BreeLayne

Image from BreeLayne

Sustainable, luxury brand, BreeLayne, is looking for the ideal sales candidate to join their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The ideal candidate will understand how to maximize sales with retail partners, create and leverage business development opportunities throughout all international markets.

The candidate will launch the BreeLayne brand from inception by opening retail doors and identifying potential Distribution partners. He/She must bring excellent organizational skills with the ability to understand the needs of the retail partners and develop appropriate strategies that meet those needs.

The ideal candidate will bring a balanced combination of leadership skills, emotional literacy and business acumen. A strong understanding of different cultures and lifestyles is required.

The successful candidate must bring the seniority and the gravitas required for dealing with a VP, GMM and DMM level people in existing accounts and prospective accounts &/or future distribution partners.

The candidate must be a successful sales leader who knows what works and is strong at formulating strategy. He/She must be an “idea” generator, stimulator, seller, team builder and manager.

Candidate must have developed and executed strategies in previous roles. The candidate needs to know the brand message and the needs of retail partners.

Responsibilities Include


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  • Develop clear strategy for the business in each market.
  • Develop the distribution strategy to meet the brand’s sales plan.
  • Implement a distribution strategy focused on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of brand recognition.
  • Deliver annual sales and gross margin targets and be fully responsible for the International Sales Department Budget.
  • The candidates will report weekly sell-throughs to upper management of BreeLayne.


  • Manage all US and International markets.
  • Successfully partner with the company’s team: (Design, Merchandising, Production, Finance, PR/Marketing, Accounting…)

Relationship Management:

  • Partner with wholesale customers to consistently implement strategy and drive full-price sell throughs.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with all wholesale accounts and Distribution partners and ensure that the team can be responsive to the account’s needs while maximizing sales.
  • Provide merchandising feedback and communicate market specific needs in order to ensure the product offering is in line with market requirements.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Ability to travel (on an as needed basis).
  • Broad understanding of national and international sales and wholesale business model.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and adjust to ever-changing needs that may arise.
  • Strategic thinker.
  • ***MUST have at least 5 experience as a LUXURY wholesale representative

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to

About BreeLayne:

BreeLayne combines leather and luxury recycled fabrics with an exacting focus on detail in its debut collection of limited-edition pieces. BreeLayne embodies undeniable charisma, wisdom and inner confidence reflected through bold, yet pliable fabrics to flatter every body type. Our vision prizes quality above quantity and a level of thoughtfulness as every item purchased will, in turn, have a tree planted.