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Maura's Velvety Eyebrow Pencil

If you're looking to give your brows a little extra oomph, this product is a game changer.
Nars brow perfector in caucase, $23, available at Nars.

Nars brow perfector in caucase, $23, available at Nars.

Last week, I waxed poetic on the benefits of investing in a pair of (admittedly ridiculous) gold glitter booties, and, obviously, it was a ton of fun. But as crucial as eccentric pieces are to one's wardrobe, it's also important to spotlight the more fundamental players every now and again — after all, it's that delicate balance that makes personal style rewarding. So, today, I wanted to take this Editors' Pick as an opportunity to feature one of the most important items in my relatively low-maintenance beauty routine; without it, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable going to work or just, you know, socializing with other people.

Meet Nars's brow perfector, a velvety pencil that can transform even the thinnest eyebrows into enviably bushy ones. While my own brows are naturally on the thicker (and darker) end of the spectrum, they're certainly not as hairy as I'd like them to be. In that department, this tool does the trick, filling in any patchy spots to make for a more "elegant" (Nars's word, not mine) shape and texture. And for $23, it's a worthwhile investment that will enlighten your beauty regimen — at least until you run out of the stuff. 

Nars brow perfector in caucase, $23, available at Nars.

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