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Stella Lucia Makes a Case for the Fanny Pack as Cross-Body Bag

The model's cozy fall look is worth imitating.

Why is it that models' off duty looks are consistently so enviable? Sure, they have access to some sweet designer pieces and seem to always be coming from a photoshoot, but more often than not, their style instincts are effortless in an approachable way. 

Case in point: Stella Lucia on Wednesday in Vienna, Austria. The young model posed in front of a sandwich poster that happened to perfectly match her Petar Petrov fur jacket in orange, purple and tortilla wrap brown (yes, that's the technical name). And though the jacket is a very useful fall staple by itself, it's what she's wearing underneath that caught our attention. First, there's the very plain black sweatshirt with the hood pulled out over the fur. And then there's an equally plain black fanny pack worn over one shoulder and across the chest — a fashion hack way to wear an accessory that has been popping up on the runways recently but isn't always the most comfortable (or flattering) to wear on one's hips or waist, especially if a long thick sweatshirt is involved. Paired with straight-leg jeans and black combat boots, it's a cozy, cool everyday fall look that non-models can pull off, too. No designer connections needed. 

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