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Ariana Grande Makes a Compelling Pitch for Her New Fragrance

Watch the video, which might also just be a promo for her single, "Focus."
Grande and her dog, Toulouse. Photo: YouTube

Grande and her dog, Toulouse. Photo: YouTube

Though consumer interest in celebrity fragrances has largely waned, we were fiendishly excited when Ariana Grande announced that she would be gracing the world with a custom scent. Called "Ari by Ariana Grande," it promised to be "luscious," "sparkling" and "ultra-feminine." It would smell like marshmallows.

Over the weekend, Miss Grande dropped a promo video for the perfume, which conveniently serves as a teaser for her new single, "Focus," the official video for which fortuitously doubled as a Samsung commercial. Set in ye olde New York City — the 20th century, or something — Grande hops into a lavender cab en route to a red carpet event and gives an impromptu performance for her driver, Joe, a fedora-wearing sexagenarian who toes the line between being respectfully delighted and a little too admiring. But it's all good fun — he even awkwardly lip syncs along! Things just aren't as simple as they used to be.

We do know how much Grande loves singing to fans from her car, so big ups for realism. If you, like Joe, think her perfume offering is the bee's knees, you can go snap it up right this very moment at stores like Macy's and Ulta, or on the Internet.

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