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Alyssa's Shia LaBeouf-Inspired Parka

Don't pretend he didn't make you want one, too.
Photo: Aritzia

Photo: Aritzia

A very exciting pop cultural phenomenon took place at the movie theater underneath Fashionista HQ this week: In what he described as a performance art installation, actor Shia LaBeouf, known these days for his bizarre behavior and stunts just like this one, invited the public to join him in watching all of his films. The three-day long marathon, aptly titled #ALLMYMOVIES, was live-streamed without interruption, and with a camera closely focused on LaBeouf's face, we witnessed his emotional roller coaster first hand: confusion, exhaustion, disgust, embarrassment and, most endearingly, moments of giggly, pure joy.

Something we also noticed, of course, was the outfit he chose to wear while sitting in a gross New York theater for 72 hours. In a smart move, he layered, as the weather this week has been completely unpredictable (and theaters can get pretty damn cold), but it wasn't the black T-shirt or bland white hoodie that caught our attention — it was that impossibly comfy-looking parka. Considering that it's basically a wearable duvet cover, his army green coat with a fur-lined hood is ideal for any movie watching situation, especially as winter grows closer. I found a similar option at Aritzia that gives off a similar utilitarian vibe, but it's much more polished thanks to details like tortoiseshell buttons, thoughtfully placed pockets and a drawstring to help give more of a fitted appearance. I think Mr. LaBeouf would approve.

I know as soon as I put it on, I'll feel as toasty and giddy as Shia does below. (He was probably watching "The Even Stevens Movie.")

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