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Brad Pitt Fails to Hide His Piercing Gaze Behind Tinted Glasses

Nice try, sir.
Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Fifty-one-year-old permababe Brad Pitt failed to conceal his stunningly blue eyes behind a pair of tinted glasses at the New York premiere of "The Big Short" on Monday evening. The little flecks in his azure irises, which become apparent if you stare long enough, remained fully visible as well. 

Opting for frames reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's taste in glasses circa 1998, the actor kept his look thematically consistent with a piece-y blonde haircut similar to the one worn by a mid-'90s Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor isn't the only one to see the transformative power of tinted eyewear: Cate Blanchett has recently been spotted wafting about in violet-blue lenses in a more '70s shape. Bono and Johnny Depp have, of course, been doing this since before it was cool. Cool like diving into a turquoise pool on a breezy summer day in Los Angeles. Cool like sipping a gin and tonic while floating on a yacht in the middle of the Adriatic. 

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I'm talking about Brad Pitt's eyes here.