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Maura's Science Nerd Tee

Because I still want to go to Space Camp.
Reformation x DEERDANA NASA tee, $68, available at Reformation.

Reformation x DEERDANA NASA tee, $68, available at Reformation.

The longer I've lived in New York, the stronger my penchant for a jeans-and-tee-backed uniform has grown. Each time I go home to my parents' house, I dig through my childhood wardrobe for what were once embarrassing band T-shirts and tie-dyed vacation tops to bring back with me. There are only so many days in a row one can wear her dad's old Rolling Stones concert tee from their Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle World Tour, unfortunately, so this season, I need to replenish my stock.

While recently perusing Reformation's website, I found myself ogling this adorably clever NASA tee (with artwork designed by DEERDANA) for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) my own self-diagnosed introversion and requirement for personal time and space. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wear this shirt instead of having to tell someone, "You know, I wish I could accompany you to the crowded, loud and exhausting event you've invited me to, but if I don't sit on my couch reading The Once and Future King tonight, I might have a panic attack"? The play on words here is also exceptional, especially for someone (me) who once gave a PowerPoint presentation to her parents to convince them to send her to Space Camp at the Kennedy Space Center. It was unsuccessful.

Anyway, this shirt is great. 

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Reformation x DEERDANA NASA tee, $68, available at Reformation.

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