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Urban Outfitters's Parent Company Acquired, Among Other Things, a Pizzeria Chain

Just go with it.
Pizza. Photo: iStockphoto

Pizza. Photo: iStockphoto

As Kanye West has said time and time again: Being good at one thing does not mean you can't be good at other stuff. 

Urban Inc., the parent company of Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie, has apparently taken West's words to heart, because it announced Monday morning that it's acquiring a bunch of restaurants from the Vetri Family group. No longer is Urban merely your go-to for affordable fringe. It is now your destination for casual dining experiences. 

Notably, this brings under Urban Inc.'s wing the Pizzeria Vetri chain, which has garnered rave Yelp reviews like: "Yo [sic] hear the angels singing as the pizza starts coming out," "I'm a pretty tough pizza critique and I was blown away" and "you really can't go wrong with pizza~ lol."

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Who's lol'ing now? Urban Inc, that's who.