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Vince Brings Back its Co-Founders as Creative Consultants

Will this help the brand push into uncharted territory while staying true to its roots?
Vince's fall 2015 ad campaign. Photo: Vince

Vince's fall 2015 ad campaign. Photo: Vince

When former Vince Chief Creative Officer Karin Gregersen resigned from her post in July, we were curious to see how the luxurious basics brand would fill the role — especially since execs said at the time that they weren't planning to replace her. Now we know: On Monday afternoon, the company announced that it has rehired its two co-founders, Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice, as consultants to oversee product, merchandising and creative. Their contract will last two years.

This is, we'd assume, a decision coming from Vince's new CEO, Brendan Hoffman, who was hired in October. (His predecessor, Jill Granoff, resigned the same day as Gregersen.) Laccone and LaPolice founded Vince in 2002 and departed in January 2013, 11 months before the company went public. 

Bringing the two back on makes a strong statement about going back to Vince's heritage and reinforcing the style that made it so popular in the first place. (Think uncomplicated, cool cashmere sweaters and silk blouses.) Deviating too far from its roots — i.e. its core product line, which is still a massive sales driver — caused Vince some trouble this spring, a stumble that it's since worked on fixing. Perhaps Laccone and LaPolice's perspective will prove to be the compass that can lead Vince to an expanded product offering while staying true to its origins. 

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