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Eliza's Witchy Tunic for Every Cocktail Event

Easy and surprisingly breezy.
Tunic with side slits, $69.90, available at Zara.

Tunic with side slits, $69.90, available at Zara.

The day before the Dior-sponsored Guggenheim International Gala pre-party last week, I ran over to Zara to find something to wear. (A friend who works at the museum had advised me to dress according to the international standard for arty cocktail events: "Formal jumpsuit.") What I found is a sort of a dress, seen above, though the side slits running up to the hip bone make it unusable for that function, unless you're Kendall Jenner.

Officially, Zara classifies it as a tunic. I'd call it a witch's little black robe. Paired with some loose navy pants and pointy-toed boots, it's got a quiet flair that elicits a nod of understanding from those in the immediate vicinity but doesn't excite them enough to comment aloud. This is good, if you're a) a reporter or b) planning on wearing it to a lot of cocktail events in the near future. In my case, both.

Tunic with side slits, $69.90, available at Zara.

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