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Eliza's 'Elevated' Mom Sweater

What a turtle.
Zara Jacquard Sweater, $25.90, available at Zara.

Zara Jacquard Sweater, $25.90, available at Zara.

Dad style has gotten a lot of attention lately — and rightly so — but today let's swing our attention back toward that other iconic figure in the pantheon of uncool (and practical) dressing: your mom. When I think of mom style, I think specifically of how my own mother dresses in the winter. Long underwear. Knit hats with ear flaps. Turtlenecks under sweaters.

Which brings us to this Tuesday's Ed Pick, or as my coworkers like to call it, "Fine, Eliza, we'll publish that, but only because you turned it in five minutes before it's supposed to run and leave us no choice. We hate you." Though this Zara sweater brilliantly mimics that most prudent of layering moves — the turtleneck under the cardigan — the pairing of a very high neckline with short sleeves also suggests a sort of willful impracticality on the designer's part. (Clearly that sort of chin-hugging neck is unnecessary if it's warm enough to not wear sleeves.) And therein lies the fun.

Zara Jacquard Sweater, $25.90, available at Zara.

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