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Zosia Mamet Stars With Anna Kendrick in Kate Spade's Latest Video Short

The actress spoke about shooting the upcoming season of "Girls" in Japan at a Kate Spade screening and dinner on Monday.

When it comes to video campaigns, Kate Spade has found a recipe for successful short films that's unrivaled by other brands — and that keeps getting better each season. A year ago the brand debuted its #MissAdventure series, starring Anna Kendrick as a kooky New York City woman with a penchant for landing herself in mini escapades while decked out head-to-toe in Kate Spade. In addition to her companion Milos the dog, the videos have featured surprise guest appearances from legendary women like Lily Tomlin and Gloria Steinem. 

In the fourth and latest episode directed by Mari Heller — who recently wrote and directed "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" — Kendrick is joined onscreen by "Girls" actress Zosia Mamet. The two women meet while trying to hail a car outside of New York's Russian Tea Room and realize they have more in common than just an appreciation for Kate Spade's holiday gift collection (which Kendrick's character calls "prezzies"). Their dialogue is funny and realistic in an effortless way, while still managing to name check Dr. Zhivago, "Waiting for Godot" and Joan Didion in less than four minutes. 

"Milos the dog — he’s the real star, the breakout star of our Kate Spade video," said Mamet on Tuesday night at the NoMad hotel. She joined President and Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd to host a screening of the video, followed by a rooftop dinner where guests including Freida Pinto and Ellie Kemper unwrapped boxes of Kate Spade goodies and popped balloons filled with cake balls. "I had a good time playing with those present-shaped bags, that was fun," said Mamet when asked for her favorite kitschy accessories from the video. 

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Mamet is currently filming "The Boy Downstairs" in New York, which she said "feels really different from anything I've ever done," though she's accustomed to filming in the busy city for HBO's "Girls." Most of Mamet's storyline in the upcoming season five was actually shot on location in Tokyo this summer, since her character Shoshanna Shapiro landed a job there when we last saw her. "I think HBO sort of knew that it would be quite hard to keep that a secret because we were so publicly shooting there," said Mamet about how she and Lena Dunham actively posted on social media while on set abroad. "The crowds are crazy there and there's so many people, but as a New Yorker I was used to it."

Mamet said she worked nonstop during the two-week shoot — which was her first visit to Tokyo — and didn't get any downtime for tourism. On camera, however, she got to see different parts of the city. "We shot on Takeshita Street, and then we shot in office buildings in the financial district, so it was really interesting," she said. "Half of our crew was Japanese, which was awesome." Mamet is tightlipped about Shoshanna's adventures abroad, only teasing: "Shit's crazy." Here's betting the character's quirky personal style gets a dose of inspiration from Tokyo's famous Harajuku street style. 

The new season of "Girls" premieres on Feb. 21, and check out the fourth Kate Spade New York #MissAdventure video above.