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10 Adult Onesies to Take You From the Couch to the Refrigerator

Look, we know you've been looking for one.
Asos Onesie Romper in Cosy Fleece, $45, available at Asos.

Asos Onesie Romper in Cosy Fleece, $45, available at Asos.

All right, people. Apparently a lot of us are in the market for adult onesies right now. How many of us? Enough to put them at the top of Google's list of this holiday season's most-searched clothing items, right above Adidas Superstars, Levi's jeans, Shinola watches and bomber jackets. Put together, those last four garments would make for a pretty decent outfit. Very on-trend and appropriate for most Brooklyn coffee shops and startup offices. But our Google search history has a way of revealing our truest selves, and what our truest selves want is to be swaddled in the sartorial equivalent of a bubble bath.

What makes a onesie? Internet dictionaries say onesies are "leisure garments" and technically for infants. Urban Dictionary says they are "the most comfortable thing one can wear, there is no denying it." (Or, "a selfie taken by HM the Queen.") Does this mean a jumpsuit is a onesie? Maybe, if that jumpsuit is best suited for lounging on the couch watching "Jessica Jones" with a glass of wine balanced on one's stomach. Onesies, it seems, are defined primarily by the wearer's intention and attitude. If you plan on leaving the house, a onesie it is not.

Because we care, we've rounded up 10 of the best onesies on the Internet.

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