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Here is a Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Blowtorch and Samurai Swords

A video of his unusual technique is burning up (LOL) Facebook right now.
That is a large flame. Screengrab: YouTube

That is a large flame. Screengrab: YouTube

I remember how insane I thought the Brazilian technique of velaterapia — aka singeing off split ends with an open flame — was when I wrote about it a few years ago. Well, that seems downright tame compared to what Alberto Olmeda, a Madrid-based hairstylist, is doing at the moment. 

A video of the Spanish hairstylist has racked up more than 50 million views on AJ+'s Facebook page. There are several clips dating back to at least 2012 showing the modern day Edward Scissorhands's technique, but for whatever reason, this maestro has won over the Internet's heart this week. Here, take a look at Olmedo going all medieval (his words) on their asses, erm, hair: 

Here are my questions:

1) Why did his staff finally agree to start using samurai swords after their initial reluctance? What won them over?

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2) How big are his liability insurance fees?

3) What in the name of all that is holy does it smell like in there? 

4) Where did he get the custom made hair texturizing claws?

5) Who was the first customer who agreed to this? Is she alive? Maimed?



At least this is a nice beauty news break from Kylie Jenner's lips