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'Complex' Debuts 'Sold Out,' a Documentary on Supreme's Notorious Resellers

Watch the debut of the second episode exclusively here.
Promo image for 'Sold Out.' Photo: Complex

Promo image for 'Sold Out.' Photo: Complex

Where there's hype, there's money. Take H&M's latest and best-selling collaboration with Balmain as an example. The morning of its release in November, pieces immediately sold out around the world and could be found on eBay for upwards to $1,000, more than double an item's retail cost. There's also the recent launch of Kylie Jenner's long-awaited Lip Kit on Cyber Monday, which instantly sold out online and showed up on eBay for well more than the original price of $29. Currently, you can buy a Kylie Lip Kit item in "Dolce K" for $1,200.

In the streetwear and sneaker world, however, the practice of flipping product for profit is both a stigma and commonplace. Complex has been following Supreme, one of the most coveted and exclusive streetwear brands in the world, for more than a decade, and for the past year, the publication's online news team has been documenting the line of hypebeasts (teens and adults, mostly male but with a few females holding it down) who gather in front of Supreme's New York City flagship in SoHo in anticipation of a Thursday morning drop. Dedicated fans and resellers — or those paid by resellers to simply stand in line and purchase product — camp out as early as the day before the skate shop releases its newest (and very limited-edition) collection, whether it's a collaboration with Comme des Garçons or a T-shirt with Neil Young's face on it.

Supreme's underground reselling market gave Complex the idea to develop its first full-length documentary, titled "Sold Out," which follows the businessmen who make money by flipping Supreme products. (A T-shirt with the brand's iconic box logo, which retails for $32, can sell on the secondhand market for up to $400.) Those who were interviewed for "Sold Out," predominantly men who are as young as 13 years old, kept their identities concealed to avoid being blacklisted by Supreme's own shopkeepers — except for Andre, who exclusively resells through his Instagram account @SoleStreetSneakerCo. And like a true entrepreneur, Andre arrived at the "Sold Out" private screening last Friday with black-on-black Yeezy Boost 750s for resale. The sneakers' official release date isn't until Dec. 19.

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Complex released the first of a four-part series for "Sold Out" on Monday, which you can catch up on here. View the second episode's debut exclusively on Fashionista below.