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Everlane is Currently Letting Shoppers Choose Their Own Price

This post-Christmas sale poses a moral dilemma.
Photo: Everlane

Photo: Everlane

Online-native retailer Everlane has become known for thinking outside the consumerist box when it comes to seasonal sales. For instance, it donated all Black Friday profits to factory workers this year, and went so far as to shut down its site entirely on Black Friday in 2012 and 2013.

And now (for the first time, in fact), it's having an actual sale — though, not a traditional one. In keeping with its dedication to transparency, Everlane is letting shoppers choose between three set prices — all below retail — on select items, and each price is accompanied by an explanation for what that amount of money covers. So, if you pay $81 for the Nubuck Street Shoe, that's only covering production; if you pay $97, you're also covering overhead for Everlane's team; and if you pay $126, you're covering those things and also allowing for Everlane to invest in its growth.

In a way, the sale goes against Everlane's original angle: that, unlike competitors, it did not build discounting into its prices (thereby keeping them low) and, therefore, would never offer discounts. Still, when a retailer has overstock, it has to try and move it somehow. The sale, which began Saturday, goes until Wednesday.

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The most interesting part of this sale concept will be seeing what shoppers choose to pay. It's a bit of a moral dilemma: if you choose the lowest price, are you basically supporting slave labor? If you choose the highest, are you insane?

Which price would you choose?