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'Fashionista' Editors Share Their New Year's Style Resolutions

New year, new us? Maybe?
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Garance Doré Les Femmes 2016 Desk Calendar, $18, available at Anthropologie. Photo: Anthropologie

Garance Doré Les Femmes 2016 Desk Calendar, $18, available at Anthropologie. Photo: Anthropologie

Let's be honest: New Year's Eve, with all its anticipation, is a lot more exciting than the first day of the year when resolutions (if you believe in them) kick in — along with the realization that it's going to take more than 24 hours to become a different (better) you. For those who suffer from resolution anxiety, we don't think it hurts to try for smaller, more attainable goals: say, dressing better in the new year. So in that mindset, we're back with our annual, end-of-the-year tradition of sharing our style resolutions for the coming year.

At the end of 2014, many of our editors expressed interest in shopping less. This year, our editors seem focused on spending wisely on investment pieces and dressing nicely on a day-to-day basis. Take a look below at our style goals for 2016 and feel free to share your resolutions below. 

Dhani Mau, Editorial Director

"This year, I want to focus more on the small details: Getting things tailored (which someone of my height — 5'2" — should always do), looking more at the fit and fabric of the things I do buy, investing in more subtle, pretty jewelry that I can wear every day and, in the spirit of Marie Kondo, only purchasing things that 'spark joy.' I also hope to really nail down how to have consistently good hair. Maybe it's a new smoothing treatment; maybe it's blowouts; maybe it's finally embracing my natural curls (it's not). We will find out."

Alyssa Vingan Klein, Editorial Director

"I am proud to say that I successfully stuck to my 'no more fast fashion' resolution in 2015 — I can honestly say I made fewer purchases from Zara, H&M, Mango and the like than I can count on one hand. My closet feels much less cluttered, and I was able to spend the money on one or two key items each season without going over budget. I'd say my resolution going into the next year is to avoid wearing 'athleisure' pieces as frequently as I do and to make an effort to look more polished every single day... even if I know I will be sitting at a computer for 10 hours straight. This also goes for my hair and makeup — I need to commit to spending 20 extra minutes prepping for the day and banish the messy bun for good!"

Eliza Brooke, Senior Editor

"I'm trying to start dressing up more for work. I'm not saying I'm about to abandon the sweatshirts that form the core of my wardrobe entirely, but nobody ever suffered from a little power suiting. By that, I mean pairing my jeans with some button-downs. Maybe some heels. The bar, as you can see, is really, really low."

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Chantal Fernandez, Associate Editor

"My goal this year is to switch up my jewelry more often. It's not something I have a habit of doing (I recently changed earrings for the first time in about two years) and want to use the pieces I have more actively. I received some pretty, thin necklaces for Christmas that I look forward to layering with older pieces. The same goes for rings and bracelets, which I end up stacking in set pairs for months at a time. How long does it take to break a habit again? We'll see how it goes by Jan. 21."

Maura Brannigan, Associate Editor

"I'm a pretty terrible shopper. Period. If I'm considering buying something (no matter the price), I'll stew on it for anywhere between two weeks and multiple months before actually pulling the trigger. My fear of buyer's remorse is just too big, you know? This year, I want to get better (and faster) at actually buying items I'm confident I'll wear. For starters, I already know I'm looking to invest in a camel coat, a new leather jacket and a few pairs of jeans — so if you see any viable options, please send them my way!"

Maria Bobila, Associate Editor

"In 2016, I want to shop less from fast fashion retailers, which often results in frequent and impulsive purchases and serial returns, and shop more from independently owned shops, like Assembly and Totokaelo. While the price ranges are vastly different, I hope this will help me think more about what I buy. Will this work with what I have in my wardrobe? Do I already have something that's almost exactly like this? Perhaps, by the end of the year, I'll own some high-quality pieces that won't end up at Beacon's Closet after only a few months."

Gemma Kim, Editorial Assistant

"This might sound strange, but I kind of dislike the experience of shopping — both online and in store. It always feels a little bit like a chore and I usually give up after browsing for five minutes. So in 2016, I'm going to take some time to invest in a couple of thoughtful pieces in bright colors and different silhouettes. Also, I want to get some really nice sneakers for everyday use."

Lauren Indvik, Editor-At-Large

"At the end of 2014, I was upset by how much I had bought — some 45 items of clothing and shoes over the course of the year — and how little of it I truly enjoyed. So I set out to buy only 15 things this year. I didn't quite succeed — my tally came in at 23, thanks to a manic period of shopping around fashion week in September — but most of what I did acquire I acquired thoughtfully, and they are the very best, most prized and most worn pieces in my wardrobe. I'm not setting a limit for myself in 2016, but I do want to cut down on my total number of acquisitions again, giving careful consideration to what really adds to my wardrobe. In other words, no sweaters. And definitely no heels."

Fawnia Soo Hoo, Contributing Editor

"I need to stop buying high heels. I'm lucky to live in New York and freelance, so I have the flexibility to go to all these amazing sample sales and every. single. time, I see these beautiful high heels at some ridiculously discounted price and fool myself into thinking I'll wear them. And I never do since I take the train and walk everywhere. Or when I do, I live to regret it. Like the time I wore a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim python peep-toe heels (80 percent off!!!) to cover the CFDA Awards. I was interviewing Taraji P. Henson and all I could think was, 'I can't feel my feet.' (Cookie Lyon would have sucked it up.) So no more in 2016. I'll spend my money more wisely on, well, flats, and ride this comfortable footwear trend to the very end. Or maybe try my best to keep the trend alive. I'm media, right?"