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Fashionista Launches In-House Native Advertising Studio, 'CoLab'

We're also launching our own advertising exchange.
Photo: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista

Photo: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista

In addition to some exciting editorial changes at Fashionista, we're thrilled to formally introduce Fashionista CoLabFashionista's own in-house native advertising studio that will align premium advertisers with engaging, creative content on Fashionista. Nina Frazier Hansen, Fashionista's creative director since April 2014, will oversee and manage native advertising campaigns run through the CoLab.

In conjunction with CoLab, on Jan. 7, Fashionista will launch its own premium private advertising exchange. Fashionista's goal is to meet the advertising needs of premium fashion, beauty, retail and luxury brands by accessing Fashionista's unique desktop, tablet and mobile audiences.

For the past four years, Fashionista's ad sales have been represented by Say Media as part of a network of consumer brands. With the growth of Fashionista over that period, Fashionista is now best positioned to deliver unique banner and native advertising solutions. Though separated on the ad side, Fashionista will remain on Say Media's CMS platform, Tempest.

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We're more committed than ever to bring you the industry news that matters most, and the site's voice, vision and coverage of the fashion industry will remain the same. We want to align both our native and banner advertising with the brands that matter most to our readers, with content of value like this recent gift guide produced in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, and a city guide series produced in partnership with Uniqlo to celebrate the opening of three new flagship locations in Boston, Chicago and Seattle

Here's to a new year! Have questions or interest in advertising on Fashionista? Email for more info.