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What Gemma Wants for the Holidays

I'm wishing for a lot of cute things.
Photo: Composite

Photo: Composite

This might be embarrassing to admit, but if I had to choose one thing I'd like to receive this holiday season, it would probably come down to this ridiculously cute hamster card case or dog zip pouch. Of course, Sisley Paris's serum would be nice, but let's face it: at $355, it's a lot to ask for.

So mom, dad, whoever's reading, if you feel so inclined, please feel free to reference this list this holiday season. 

1. Patricia Chang hamster card case, $85, available at Shopbop: Do I need a card case? No. But do I want this cute hamster to smile at me every time I reach for a card? Yes.

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2. Smiley print long sleeve pullover, $55, available at Stylenanda: I've been wearing my summer clothes the whole season, but I'm not sure if T-shirts are appropriate in January...

3. Asos clean minimal watch, $33, available at Asos: I saw this in Dhani's cheap gift guide and wanted it immediately. It has a quiet quality to it, plus it's only $33. 

4. Sisley Paris phyto-blanc intensive lightening serum, $355, available at Net-a-Porter: If I prioritized better, I'm sure I could've purchased this by now. Unfortunately, my number one priority seems to be food these days. Sigh.

5. Opening Ceremony dog leather zip pouch, $ 50, available at Nordstrom: I really hate going anywhere with too much stuff, so this zip pouch would be perfect on days where I don't have to lug around my laptop everywhere.

6. Wolford Matte Opaque Tights, $51.85, available at Nordstrom: I received a free pair back in October and I swear I've worn them at least once a week since then. I'm pretty lazy about taking care of my clothes, so I just throw these in with everything else in the washer and dryer on high heat. Amazingly, they're still in the same condition as they were when I received them.