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What Maria Wants for the Holidays

Some practical items and some not-so-practical items.
Image: Gemma Kim/Fashionista

Image: Gemma Kim/Fashionista

Coming up with a holiday wish list is hard because I usually end up buying myself the things I really want. Perhaps I'm impatient or I find gifting myself things just as rewarding. (Most likely impatient.) Instead, I usually fill my wish list up with practical items, like this portable charger that my parents gave me last year. 

But let's scrap that tradition for 2015 and go over a few presents that I don't really need but most definitely want, such as an overpriced shark case for an iPhone that I don't even have. (Yes, I still have an archaic iPhone 5. Why do you think I use a portable charger every day?) For good measure, I threw in a few more sensible pieces, like a reasonably priced winter coat.

So here you go, mom, dad and whomever else cares enough to gift me something special. I'll be expecting at least one of these items on Christmas. But if you each got me a candle, I wouldn't be mad at all.

1. Kenzo Eye-Print Cotton-Fleece Sweatshirt, $355, available at Net-a-Porter: I don't care how many seasons and street style shots this eye print has been around for, I’m still very much into it. (And we all know how I feel about prints.) My winter uniform of sweaters and sweatshirts will benefit greatly from this new addition.

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2. Topshop Slim Pocket Coat, $110, available at Topshop: I have a weird requirement when it comes to winter outerwear: no buttons. So when I finally came across this tailored coat with a zipper front, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put it on my wish list.

3. Stella McCartney Metallic Shark Silicone iPhone 6 Case, $145, available at Saks Fifth Avenue: I once had a phone case shaped like the Japanese cartoon character Totoro. This metallic shark style — made of flexible silicone for my frequent clumsiness — is equally adorable and obnoxious. But first, I need to upgrade my iPhone...

4. Whistles Ko Wood Lace Up Shoe, $280, available at Whistles: You really can't go wrong with shoes that add height without taking away comfort. These wooden wedges are a tamer version of Stella McCartney's platform creepers, thus lessening the chances of injury while wearing them.

5. Building Block Coin Dumpling, $90, available at Need Supply: Any item — edible or not — that goes by the name of "dumpling" is a win in my book.

6. Le Labo Santal 26 Vintage Candle, $60, available at Barneys: Because the best way to get an overpriced candle is as a gift.