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Maura's Celebratory 'Star Wars' T-Shirt

Dec. 18 can't come soon enough.
'Star Wars' for J.Crew 'Chewie, We're Home' T-shirt, $45, available at J.Crew.

'Star Wars' for J.Crew 'Chewie, We're Home' T-shirt, $45, available at J.Crew.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I first saw "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" in kindergarten, which I learned later was the earliest my parents felt they could subject me to the mild violence of lightsabers and the Tusken Raiders. (Hey, I turned out okay!) As the story goes, I've been hooked ever since. With a brand-new installment from the King of the Nerds, J.J. Abrams, due out later this month, I've taken on the Herculean task of rewatching the original six films, in order, from now through Friday, Dec. 18. I'm seeing "Episode VII: The Force Awakens" at midnight, after all, and I need to be fully prepared.

While I don't want to show up to the aforementioned screening dressed in a full-blown Princess Leia costume (of neither the white cloak nor gold bikini variety), I do want to wear something festive for the occasion. I've been making eyes at this T-shirt — featuring a line from the movie's trailer — for several weeks now, and I think it's time to pull the trigger. I'm a lifelong, devoted "Star Wars" fan. I deserve this. Who's with me?!

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"Star Wars" for J.Crew "Chewie, We're Home" T-shirt, $45, available at J.Crew.

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