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Kris Jenner Poses in a Pool to ‘Trap Queen’ for ‘Love’ Magazine

The 60-year-old grandmother stars in Day 7 of the publication’s festive Advent calendar series.

Kris Jenner wants you to know that there is only one trap queen in this world and that is Kris Jenner. America's favorite cool-mom-not-a-regular-mom stars in the seventh video for Love's annual Advent calendar at her favorite photo shoot locale: her swimming pool. Directed by Doug Inglish, Jenner poses poolside in a black halter-neck swimsuit and Boucheron fine jewelry, accompanied by the Fetty Wap hit "Trap Queen." (Quite possibly the most fitting song for Jenner if you ask us.) The short black-and-white film fades in and out with brightly lit close-ups of the 60-year-old grandmother. It's the type of imagery you would most likely see accompanying a "Trap Queen" karaoke video — cheesy, absurd and amazing all at the same time.

Last year, Jenner appeared in Love's Advent calendar wearing a power suit and carrying an oversized candy cane to "Let's Have a Kiki" by Scissor Sisters (another appropriate song choice). She also made an appearance alongside her daughter — and Love favorite — Kendall Jenner, who kicked off this year's festive series in a Hammerhead shark costume. Will the mother-daughter duo make a second cameo later this month? Only time will tell. (But yeah, probably.)

Stay tuned throughout December for daily installments from the Love calendar, which includes Caroline Flack and Immy Waterhouse from this weekend, and watch Mama Jenner in action above.

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