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Brands Benefit From Posting a Ton to Instagram... For Now at Least

For luxury fashion houses, the Facebook-owned photo platform is more important than ever.
Photo: Imaxtre

Photo: Imaxtre

It's hardly news that the fashion community is deeply infatuated with Instagram, more so than it is with other social platforms. With its focus on visuals, Instagram is where the fame-hungry hone their personal brands, where campaign imagery first goes live and where newbie models get scouted. If the rest of the world's news breaks on Twitter, fashion happens in real time on Instagram.

In a new study on brands' use of social media published Monday afternoon, the research group L2 Inc. broke down the various ways that luxury fashion houses have been using the platform to their advantage. And if there was ever a time to use the hell out of Instagram, it's right now: L2 found that for labels boasting followerships of over 300,000 people, the relationship between post volume and engagement is still slightly positive, indicating that users don't become exhausted with more posts. (Or they haven't yet, at least.) Put another way, the way people feel about Louis Vuitton posting a bunch on Instagram is the exact opposite of the way they feel about Becky from high school adding photos of her baby thrice daily on Facebook.

In fact, posting on Instagram with great frequency is one way that Valentino has found success on the platform, despite creating an account relatively late in the game, in April 2012. Even though Valentino still gets much less engagement per post than a brand like Michael Kors, which joined Instagram a full year before it, the company found another metric on which to succeed: consumer posts bearing the tag #Valentino. That's because for each image a luxury label posts, roughly 10,000 fans are adding their own content and using the brand's hashtag. By posting a lot — in L2's estimate, three times as often as Michael Kors — Valentino has increased its visibility immensely.

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Now, importantly, L2 did not look into how posting a buttload of photos on the daily affects individual people's standing in the eyes of their followers. We'd guess it's some sort of bell curve with a very sharp drop off that also results in getting invited to parties less. Proceed with caution, is all.