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Dhani's Foaming, Tropical-Smelling Cleanser

It's also multitasking. And Korean. Basically, it has a lot of things going for it.
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Laneige multi cleanser, $20.90, available at Target

Laneige multi cleanser, $20.90, available at Target

When it comes to face wash, I typically stick with the gentle, perennial standby Cetaphil, or whatever my dermatologist has prescribed. Still, I like to throw in something new every now and then, and one former wildcard is becoming a regular part of my rotation.

It came in a gift pack of products by coveted Korean skin care brand Laneige, and boasts a number of capabilities including removing makeup, removing sunscreen, exfoliating and, of course, cleansing. What I love, beyond its multitasking quality, is that (unlike Cetaphil) it creates a nice foam that really makes your skin feel like its getting cleaner. It also smells like a tropical vacation, presumably thanks to the papaya enzymes it contains. Since I sadly do not have a tropical vacation planned for this winter, this is the next best thing.

Laneige multi cleanser, $20.90, available at Target.

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