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Eliza Wants to Host a House Party in These Tasseled Silver Mules

Shoes for the cooly extravagant.
Loeffler Randall "Clo" tassel mule sandals, $395, available at Bird.

Loeffler Randall "Clo" tassel mule sandals, $395, available at Bird.

Despite being perpetually recalcitrant about getting off the couch to attend all parties that start after 10 p.m. — I prefer to begin my night by 8 p.m. and lose motivation during the interstitial period between eating dinner and leaving the apartment — I love throwing house parties and don't at all mind if friends turn up close to midnight. A big part of why I like hosting in my own home, beyond the obvious advantage of not having to take the L train at 2 a.m., is that it's a rare opportunity to bring out all of the impractical, beautiful clothing I never wear but hate to part with. For instance, a tie-dye dress with a very short skirt that's doomed to flutter up at the slightest breeze. (I bought it online.) Unless it's weighed down by a heavy coat, it's an insane thing to wear outside. But for showing off in the comfort of my own apartment, where I can play god with the air flow, it's ideal. 

Likewise, these Loeffler Randall mules are the consummate hostess shoe. I know a lot of people (Sarah Jessica Parker) are good at wearing the style around the city, but I always get a little nervous that I'll fling one off my foot, and besides, I like walking a lot and very fast. For gliding from the couch to the kitchen to uncork another bottle of wine, though? In a New York apartment? No problem.

I'm not throwing a party for New Year's, but if I were, these sandals would be at the top of my list. Nothing says festive like eight tassels spread among two feet. 

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Loeffler Randall "Clo" tassel mule sandals, $395, available at Bird.

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