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Kendall Jenner is a Sexy Yule Log for 'Love' Advent

It's the calendar's most technically advanced video yet.

With Love Advent — or as we like to call it, "softcore porn you get to watch at work" — coming to a close, Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand was clearly feeling a little apocalyptic. For Day 24, the magazine brought back Kendall Jenner, who kicked off a month of fun, lo-fi videos with equally lo-fi acting skills and a shark costume, to shakily slink about a burning forest to the thump of an epic soundtrack like a sexy baby deer.

Of the concept for the video, director James Lima said in a statement, "I saw this figure, this vision of a woman as an ancient force, elemental and mystical. She is a goddess who created the seasons, the elements and the concept of astronomical time. Kendall is the perfect person to play this character."

Just to be clear, Kris Jenner is actually the perfect person to play this character, but we'll take the hand we're dealt. With its green screen technology, this is certainly the most technically advanced video Love Advent has released; most seem to have been shot on an iPhone. We still have a few days left — the calendar runs through New Year's — so here's hoping we get another video on this level before time's out.

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