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'Marie Claire' is the First Magazine to Design its Own Candy Crush Saga Level

It goes live on Thursday morning.
The 'Marie Claire' level on Candy Crush Saga, featuring Nina Garcia. Photo: Marie Claire

The 'Marie Claire' level on Candy Crush Saga, featuring Nina Garcia. Photo: Marie Claire

Are you a "Project Runway" fanatic with a Candy Crush Saga addiction? Well, it's your lucky day: Starting Thursday at 6 a.m. ET, you'll be able to play a new Marie Claire level on the addictive mobile game, starring Creative Director Nina Garcia and some very colorful candies. 

"We are all about doing things that push people's idea of what a...women's magazine can do and what a women's magazine can feature," said Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider. "We are not making any money off of this, it's purely a fun partnership of shared audiences."

Fulenwider said the project with King Digital Entertainment, which owns Candy Crush Saga, came about after she asked her staff to discover "the next big thing" in the categories of health, wellness, fashion, beauty, tech and career ahead of the January issue. "Jenna Blaha, our tech editor, came back and said, 'You know, we could have our own level of Candy Crush,'" explained Fulenwider. "They have been telling us that no other brand or entity like us has ever had its own level, so we didn't really have a model of what it would look like, but it became this really cool project." 

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Apparently Garcia herself is a Candy Crush "aficionado," and she worked over Skype with a King designer named Yonna Ingolf to produce the magazine's level. On Wednesday, and Candy Crush will release a behind-the-scenes video of Garcia and Ingolf working together on its creation.

"The number of female developers has really doubled in the last few years and I think it's something that we want to encourage women to go into — not just playing the games but also working in the industry," said Fulenwider. "And we really just did it because we thought it was cool."

Marie Claire's Candy Crush Saga level will go live as a pop-up in-game event from Thursday at 6 a.m. ET until Saturday at 6 a.m. ET. A version of the level will become a permanent part of the game "in a few weeks," according to a rep for Hearst. 

Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the Marie Claire level will immediately become a permanent part of Candy Crush Saga after the pop-up ends.