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What Maura Wants for the Holidays

This season, I'm begging Santa to come through with the staples.
Image: Gemma Kim/Fashionista

Image: Gemma Kim/Fashionista

For as much time as I spend perusing e-commerce sites and trolling the depths of Instagram, I’m honestly surprised I'm not better prepared for the holiday season, wish list-wise. Ask me about my gift-giving abilities, because (I don't mean to brag) they're pretty damn good — but when it comes time to compile what I want? I unravel like a spool of pressure-packed thread.

All this usually means that I ask dear ol' Santa Claus to come through one of two things: 1) staples on which I'm already hooked, and b) staples I've already been stalking for months. These five pieces are a healthy of mix of the aforementioned qualifications, meaning I'm completely confident I'll get a ton of use out of 'em. Here's to being systematic this Christmas.

1. A.P.C. Half-Moon Bag, $435, available at A.P.C.: After Dhani wrote her tale of how this very bag got stolen while at Milan Fashion Week, I've visited this very e-commerce page roughly 10 times a week. A purse so good, the crooks of Italy can't help but ogle it, too.

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2. Crosley C100 Record Player, $199.98, available at Crosley Radio: After my brother bought himself a similar record player (and an enviable range of vinyls) this summer, I haven't been able to stop thinking about owning one myself. The fantasy is as follows: On a Saturday morning, I wake up early and put on Joni Mitchell's "Clouds," which I then intently listen to from the couch while sipping my fresh French press coffee. Sounds like the best, right?

3. Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses, $150, available at Ray-BanI'm a loyal Ray-Ban-wearer to the extent that the only sunglasses I own are three different styles of the brand I've collected over the course of seven or eight years. This particular pair has been on my radar since last summer and I just really, really want them. Nothing else to it.

4. Topshop Unique Floral-Print Silk-Chiffon Mini Dress, $435, available at Net-a-Porter: This dress looks like something Stevie Nicks might've worn in 1976 — which is precisely how I aim to dress at all times. Convenient!

5. Bond No. 9 Central Park South, $315, available at Bond No. 9: I've been using this delicious stuff as my Signature Scent for a few years now and I'm almost out. I would like for that to not happen.