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14 Personalized Gifts to Give This Season

When an off-the-rack gift just won't do.
Image: Composite

Image: Composite

There's at least one person on your holiday gifting list who won't be satisfied with an item that's straight off the shelf. She's a very special snowflake, and expects all of her belongings to be as unique as she is. While this initially may cause some shopping anxiety, have no fear — there are a ton of easily customizable pieces on the market right now that feel extremely personal to the recipient, but don't require much extra effort. Whether your loved one prefers apparel, accessories, home goods or just a sweet little token of friendship, why not add a touch of individuality to your gifts this season?

Read on for our favorite customizable gifts for the holiday, and if you're in need of more ideas as Christmas quickly approaches, browse all of our guides right here.

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