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Alyssa's Crucial Winter Sweatshirt

Pro tip: don't disregard the men's section.
Photo: Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo

'Tis the season, friends: The time of year when it's so frigid outside that it's nearly impossible to convince me to leave my toasty apartment to do anything besides going to work, dragging myself to the gym (I am disciplined!) or embarking on an essential grocery run. In fact, my big plans for the coming weekend involve nothing but my couch, a cozy blanket and Bill Murray's holiday special on Netflix. But let's be realistic here — chances are, I'll need to get dressed and venture out into the world at some point, so when I do, I must be prepared. The key to this is layering, and as Christmas approaches and the chill sets in, I'll certainly be adding this piece to my arsenal.

Last year, I stocked up on these men's sweatshirts at Uniqlo in classic, neutral colors like white, black and navy. I wore them to death, and they're surprisingly versatile — for the office, I'd throw one on over a collared chambray shirt, and for a weekend outing, it was my first layer underneath a parka, chunky scarf and a beanie. This season, I plan on purchasing a couple in heather gray, and since they're only $20 a pop, I won't feel too bummed if I spill hot cocoa all over it while cracking up during an intense Netflix session. It happens.

Men's sweatshirt, $19.90, available at Uniqlo.

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