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The Fancy Cashmere Gloves Maria Caved and Bought on a Whim

I regret nothing.
& Other Stories Cashmere Gloves, $55, available at

& Other Stories Cashmere Gloves, $55, available at

When I lost a pair of recently purchased fingerless gloves a few weeks ago, I thought that I could handle the rest of winter without them, but last week's arctic blast was surely a challenge. While walking outside for lunch in Soho — my fingertips nearly numb after spending less than two minutes in the cold — I immediately entered the nearest store, picked up the first pair of gloves that I saw and proceeded to the register. When the cashier rang up to a whopping total of $55, I felt an instant pang of buyer's remorse... but I'm a huge wimp when it comes to freezing temps, so debit card, please.

I never really understood the appeal of cashmere beyond, say, a Uniqlo sweater, but now that I've experienced the soft, wooly fabric in the form of gloves, I totally get it. It's as if each of my fingers is individually wrapped in its own cozy knit and there's no better feeling than that. During my daily commute, these gloves have served as a soothing distraction, especially while trekking through piles of post-Jonas snow-slush.

& Other Stories Cashmere Gloves, $55, available at

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