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Christie Brinkley Gushes With Pride Over Daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook's Body Acceptance Senior Project

The up-and-coming model interviewed other young girls about body image and self esteem.

Supermodel and super-proud mom Christie Brinkley loves to post images and updates of her three children and their blossoming careers, including look-alike daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook's modeling accomplishments. But this week she was particularly pumped about a different kind of milestone in her youngest daughter's life — a film and photo project titled "The Weight of Being a Woman" that Brinkley Cook presented as her high school senior project. 

"She put an ad up on Facebook asking for girls who wanted to speak frankly, openly and honestly about their body weight image issues," said Brinkley at an event on Thursday celebrating NYDJ’s new "Fit to Be" campaign at Lord & Taylor in New York City. "She filmed the participants, she interviewed them, she lit them, she edited the film, she put the background music, she put the graphics, she did all the research. It's a real tour de force." Brinkley Cook interviewed 12 girls about all kinds of body image and weight-related issues, and narrowed it down to a smaller group that was featured in the the final project. 

Christie Brinkley and Ashley Graham at the NYDJ "Fit to Be" event on Thursday. Photo: Samantha Nandez/

Christie Brinkley and Ashley Graham at the NYDJ "Fit to Be" event on Thursday. Photo: Samantha Nandez/

"Sailor’s gone through her own body weight images," said Brinkley, adding that Brinkley Cook herself does not appear in the film. "She can even look at her own experience in an intellectual way, with a clear head... so she was able to really relate to other people." Brinkley said the project shows girls that they are not alone in feeling pressure to be perfect or struggling with low self-esteem. "All that is a normal reaction to this barrage of lose weight, get rid of cellulite, be perfect, be skinny," said Brinkley. "You need to know what's good for you, what's healthy for you."

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Brinkley said her daughter plans to expand the project in the future (she posted on Instagram that there's "more to come"). "I can't wait for her to put [the link] up [online], because it's the most empowering film," she said. Sounds like Brinkley Cook is following in her mother's footsteps in more than just modeling — Brinkley is outspoken about health, natural beauty and body positivity, too. Though those ideals may easier to subscribe to when you have Christie Brinkley's genes, it's impressive that Brinkley Cook is furthering a very important conversation for young women in general, and young models in particular. Her mom, for one, certainly agrees.

Note: A previous version of this article misstated that Brinkley Cook interviewed 200 girls for her project. According to Twitter, she interviewed 12.