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Properly Conceal Your Party-Induced Under-Eye Bags With This Technique

Whether you drank too much last night or your under-eye bags are just the result of being alive, this tutorial is your savior.

For as long as I can remember, even as a child, I've had noticeable bags under my eyes. It doesn't matter how much I sleep I get or how little wine I drink, they're there. And unlike redness and dark circles, you can't just cover them up with concealer. Well, you can, but it requires a specific technique.

Whether you have perma-bags like mine or partied a little too hard on New Year's Eve, you can probably relate. Luckily, beauty vloggers exist. There are a few good under eye-concealing techniques on YouTube, but I'm a fan of this one by "AlexandrasGirlyTalk."

The key is selecting a thick concealer that's a shade or two lighter than your skin tone and applying it only at the bottom of your under-eye bags, sort of like you're tracing the shadows the bags create. Then, before you blend, you apply a creamier concealer over your whole under-eye area. It's not as complicated as it sounds, and it works. Watch the video above, and if you're trying to erase the hangover from your face entirely, watch this one.

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Homepage photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs