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Cynthia's Disembodied Head Pin Knows How You Feel Today

New year, new pin, same old you.
Cynthia pin, $10, available at Etsy.

Cynthia pin, $10, available at Etsy.

Pins are trending. Nineties nostalgia is trending. Therefore, nineties nostalgia pins are double trending. And on this first Monday of 2016, I'd like to take the opportunity to endorse a certain sassy pin of the era that embodies the moods, vibes, etc. of returning to the daily grind after a holiday. 

Cynthia, if you remember, is a follically challenged doll that belonged to Angelica Pickles on "Rugrats," a Nickelodeon cartoon series that ran from 1991 through 2004. Angelica didn't play well with others and had some rage issues — which was not unrelated to the punk rock appearance of her beloved (though possibly tortured) doll. According to Rugrats Wiki, despite Cynthia's unapproachable demeanor, she approaches life and all its experiences with enthusiasm. "She water skis, drives a car, is an astronaut, loves brushing her hair, likes shoes, wants to marry a prince and both be mayors, and has always wanted a pony. In the Cynthia Workout song she can dance and make omelettes."

One might wear this pin today and everyday as a reminder that no matter how difficult it was to wake up this morning, no matter how terrible your hair looks, no matter how many resolutions you've already broken, no matter how late you are on filing your expenses, you can still be an astronaut who likes shoes and can ski the hell out of any body of water. Onward and upward, 2016. 

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Cynthia pin, $10, available at Etsy