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Ruby Rose Is the New Face of Denim & Supply — Alongside Pal Hailey Baldwin

The two friends made sure they got to shoot together.
Ruby Rose for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Ruby Rose for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Ruby Rose, an Australian model, musical artist, former television host and current actress, had an exciting 2015. Her breakout role as Stella Carlin in the third season of "Orange is the New Black" garnered so much attention, she was the most searched actress of last year according to Google. And as we kick off 2016, Rose's claim to fame is still on the rise as she stars in the newest campaign for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren.

When Rose showed up to a Brooklyn warehouse to shoot and film with the brand, she felt a true partnership at work. "They actually collaborate with us," she said. "They don't say, 'Let's pick a spokesmodel and put them in our clothing'; they look at what makes their models exciting, whether it's acting, art or music, and they use those characteristics." The spring 2016 campaign, unveiled Wednesday morning, also features a four-episode video series to be released on Denim & Supply's Instagram. "We had full creative direction with what we wanted to do and how to wear the clothes," explains Rose. "We took a lot of footage to showcase the collection, my personality and New York City."

For the next few weeks, Rose is enjoying her hometown of Los Angeles. Then, she'll return to the Big Apple to finish filming "John Wick 2" with Keanu Reeves. After that, she's off to start working on another — top secret, for now — movie until the summer. (That's already the first half of 2016 sorted and we've only just begun.) 

In between her busy schedule, we caught up with Rose about her new fashion gig with Denim & Supply, modeling alongside her friend Hailey — or, according to Rose, "Hails" — Baldwin and the key to music festival style.

A campaign image for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

A campaign image for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

How did the opportunity to be a part of Denim & Supply come about?

While I was working on 'Orange,' a lot of amazing opportunities with different brands and collaborations came up. But nothing felt organic or like something I wanted to dive straight into. I was taking the time to focus on acting. When this came through, I realized a lot of my friends did it in the past — Avicii, Cody Simpson and Hailey Baldwin — and they were like, 'Do it!' 

How was it working with your friend Hailey Baldwin?

Working with Hailey actually happened by accident. I was in the Denim & Supply store and I saw Hails on the wall. I didn't know that she did the campaign a season directly before me. I called her and found out that she didn't know I was doing this campaign, too — she only knew that there was 'another spokeswoman.' It was a very funny moment. 

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I was shooting that week and I asked the team why we weren't shooting together. We're really good friends — we should absolutely do something together. So they called her up and, luckily, she was free.

Hailey Baldwin for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Hailey Baldwin for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Photo: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

How has your style changed over time?

My style changes a lot but with a line of androgyny. It's always a cliché to describe what you're style is — any word or pairing of words has already been said and used a million times. I have a punk rock vibe, but it's also quite chic and sophisticated. I used to be way into wearing a band T-shirt with cutoff shorts for anything. Anything! Or a leather jacket with skinny jeans. I also used to wear a lot of bright colors where I must've been stuck in the '90s. It was almost like a competition with how many colors I could wear and the same goes for my hair.

I sort of mellowed out a bit now. I try to balance those cool looks with high-end fashion pieces or vintage. Cleaner colors and cleaner looks. More stylistic and flattering is my overall aesthetic — but still edgy and androgynous.

When it comes to denim, what are your wardrobe staples?

I love to have a solid denim skinny leg jean, and I'll wear a denim jacket that's really distressed. I love what Denim & Supply does with their overalls every season. Recently, they sent me a couple of things for a press event. It took every part of me not to wear their mechanic jumpsuit because maybe that's not the right thing to wear on television.

With this year's Coachella lineup just announced, what are some of your style tips for music festivals? (Ed note: Rose was pretty bummed about having to miss one of the headliners, Guns N' Roses.)

The first timers, they want to look great, but it's not about that. You're listening to the music and watching these performances, so you don't want to have to leave early because you didn't dress appropriately and you get too cold or hot or your feet hurt. The comfier you are, the cooler you'll look because you'll feel like yourself.

Update: An earlier version of this article's headline has been revised for clarity.