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Here Are 73 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Zoolander

Yes, that's probably a higher number than he can count.

As is now customary with Vogue cover stars, Derek Zoolander (aka Ben Stiller) invited the magazine into his private lair to answer 73 hard-hitting questions about his life and style for an online video to supplement his February feature. Unsurprisingly, Zoolander's bachelor pad is as luxurious as they come — there's a full gym with a group of models spinning, a DJ booth with Erin Heatherton on the decks, beefy hunks pruning his plants, Zoë Kravitz lounging on a couch — and his responses as idiotic and absurd as you'd expect. For instance, when asked his favorite aspect of living in New York City, he claims it's the diversity ("You have really good looking people, and also very attractive people."), and when pressed about where he'd spend his retirement, things get a bit dark. ("Models don't retire, they get turned into glue. It's better that way.")

Zoolander touches on some popular topics throughout the fumbling Q&A, including Instagram, "Hamilton," animal rights and Brooklyn, and even gives viewers some insight into the cutthroat modeling industry, including what he eats (or, rather, doesn't eat) to stay so trim and how chafing is the biggest problem that no one is talking about. Aside from a minor existential crisis and a few simple misunderstandings, things go pretty smoothly. Watch the video in full above.

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