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Equinox Suggests You Join an Orgy or Cult in Provocative New Ads by Steven Klein

Lydia Hearst and Jean-Claude Van Damme's daughter Bianca star in the campaign, which asks consumers to commit to anything other than joining a gym.
An image from Equinox's campaign for 2016. Photo: Steven Klein

An image from Equinox's campaign for 2016. Photo: Steven Klein

Luxury fitness club Equinox kicked off 2016 with a new campaign shot by Steven Klein, which means the seven advertisements are filled with visual story lines that touch on hot topics and star shirtless male models and scantily clad women, styled by Rihanna's stylist Mel Ottenberg. "This campaign addresses today's issues and social commentaries, which is a powerful approach instead of portraying people as superficial objects with no narrative," said Klein, who's worked with Equinox before and recently photographed Kylie Jenner for Interview.

Sticking to its tradition of provocative marketing by big-name fashion photographers — Terry Richardson, Ellen von Unwerth, Gilles Bensimon and Rankin, to name a few — Equinox urges its customers to "commit to something" for 2016. In fact, its imagery suggests that onlookers commit to anything but a membership to one of its 77 locations, whether it's participating in a multi-person romp or a woods-based cult with an all-white dress code. 

The campaign also features a few familiar faces, including Lydia Hearst, who's committing to breastfeeding her twin babies in public. Jean-Claude Van Damme's 25-year-old daughter Bianca, also an actress, depicts a women's rights activist, while MMA fighter Alan Jouban dedicates his muscular physique to the sport of cheerleading. (You’ll get the idea if you spend a few extra seconds eyeing his trophy wall.) Other purported commitments include living a cat lady life and putting your money where your mouth is — in your underwear, naturally.

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Check out the gallery below to see the rest of Equinox's latest campaign. You may not be motivated to get a workout in today, but, nonetheless, you'll be entertained.