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New Platform Launchmetrics Can Help Fashion Publicists Track the ‘Influence’ of Front Row Guests

The digital system will combine Fashion GPS's industry-focused technology with Augure's influencer marketing software.
Michael Kors spring 2016 runway show. Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Michael Kors spring 2016 runway show. Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Fashion GPS, a widely used tech system that helps industry folks track Fashion Week invites, RSVPs designer samples and more, has announced its merge with Paris-based Augure, an influencer marketing software with a multimillion-strong database. Operating under the name Launchmetrics, Augure will be now be known as GPS Publishing while the rest of Fashion GPS's products will remain the same, including GPS Radar, GPS Styles, GPS Samples and GPS Events. Launchmetrics will work as a launch-to-market platform, helping its combined number of clients (currently 1,700 brands and agencies in over 70 countries) reach and analyze the best and most influential audience for fashion shows, events, gifting or even simply sending out press releases.

"By creating a strong proximity with their community and activating the right influencers before, during and after launch, brands have a fantastic opportunity to limit the risk of failure and truly impact their bottom line," said Michael Jais, former CEO of Augure and newly appointed CEO of Launchmetrics, in a statement. "With the correct data, creating momentum in product launch becomes an exact science."

With fashion and beauty brands focusing more than ever on influencer marketing, this major merge comes at the perfect time. A representative for Launchmetrics explained to Fashionista that the company's definition of an "influencer" goes beyond bloggers, social media stars and digital tastemakers. The software can also measure the impact (or influence) of retailers, editors (both online and print) and basically anyone in its database, which totals to 4 million contacts, as well as perform cross-industry discovery for brands. For example, if a fashion designer has plans to launch into a new category like sneakers, they may want to tap into a more sneaker-focused audience. Similarly, if a new hotel is interested in gaining the attention of consumers in the fashion or art industry, rather than just major names in the tourism and hospitality realm, Launchmetrics would prove quite helpful.

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Augure measures influence through "reach," or combined audience; "echo," or how actively that combined audience is sharing the information; and "voice," which are the specific topics and areas that this person or publication shares or talks about. Combine that with Fashion GPS's technology to manage Fashion Week invites and seating charts, and it may become easier for brands to create a more impactful front row. 

Launchmetrics is still working on integrating Fashion GPS and Augure, so we won't see its final implementation or any new functionalities until June, which gives designers and show planners plenty of time to take full advantage of the platform for New York Fashion Week in September.