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Jared Leto Loves Adult Onesies, Too

He pulls the trend off with flying colors.

Jared and the amazing technicolor onesie.

Magical citizen of the world and triple threat (acting, singing, panty-dropping) Jared Leto is one of the most stylish men alive, but it seems that he, too, felt the irresistible lure of one of the year's biggest and coziest trends: adult onesies. As you may remember, the leisure unitard topped Google's list of the most-searched clothing items this holiday season. So did Leto spend hours on the Internet in search of the absolute perfect style, just like us? 

If so, it appears he found it in the form of a rainbow tie-dye long sleeve onesie that he wore this weekend to an unknown desert locale. From personal experience wearing this kind of item, it is noteworthy that he managed to find one that's comfy on top but tighter around the legs. Or maybe his legs are just very muscular in proportional comparison with the rest of his body. But I digress.   

It usually takes a quirky taste to appreciate Leto's love of color and pattern (see: bedazzled palm trees), but this onesie has undeniable appeal. Everyone from your friendly neighborhood adult bro to that old lady who's in Gristedes every single day would love it. It turns out that for all his Gucci-wearing, pink haired eccentricity, Leto is really the every man — just with a better closet. 

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