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Justin Bieber's 17-Year-Old Instagram Crush is About to Make Her Runway Debut

We may soon have another social media "It" girl on the modeling circuit.

Six weeks ago, Justin Bieber sent out a virtual search party to identify a Hot Instagram Girl for him. No, not this one. (That's Hailey Baldwin, as we already know.) And no, definitely not this one. (Get your minds out of the gutter.) We're talking about this one:

The Daily Mail, bless their souls, soon after revealed the mystery lady to be 17-year-old Cindy Kimberly, a Spanish student who makes £3 (that's about $4.3)-an-hour for her side hustle as a babysitter. Her Instagram handle, @wolfiecindy, was unveiled, too — and since Bieber's discovery, her feed's content has changed considerably. Generally speaking, fish-gaped selfies get a few more likes than self-portraits in which you're crying blood

Now with more than 701,000 followers to call her own, Kimberly is taking her talents to the big leagues. According to a Daily Mail follow up report, she'll be making her modeling debut at Cibeles — better known as Madrid Fashion Week — next month, though the specific show she'll be walking in is still a mystery. In an interview with Kimberly published on Jan. 16, Madrid-based website Vanitatis got the scoop, translated below by Chantal

"I am constantly being called with offers for things," she said, "but I'm focusing on the jobs that I was already committed to before in the world of fashion and my schoolwork." When asked if she had worked in fashion previously, Kimberly provided this answer: "Yes, I've done various jobs and others which are about to come to light." Exciting!

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Here's what we're getting from all of this: Bieber can get you out of babysitting. Right?