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Maria's Designer Logo Sweatpants for Lazy Winter Weekends

Because my current supply needs a serious upgrade.
Kenzo Jog Pants, $280, available at available at

Kenzo Jog Pants, $280, available at available at

Farewell, friends. Now that it's really, truly cold out, I'll be politely replying "Not Going" to all invites for social activity. I know it's awful, but when winter hits, I can't help but spend my weekends indoors cozied up in my duvet and dressed in a hoodie, sweatpants and thick, wool socks. The majority of this season is meant for me, my apartment and the usual snack food binge. (Plus, I just redecorated, so my new couch needs some quality lounging time.)

It me: winter 2016.

It me: winter 2016.

Speaking of which, I've been slowly improving my stock of loungewear. Gone are the ex-boyfriend hand-me-downs and university-branded hoodies — instead, I'm partial to a camo-print style from Obey and a super-soft Public School x Jordan version. My sweatpants, on the other hand, are still in need of a serious upgrade. Most of them hail from my high school and college days: two pairs from the Ocean City boardwalk, cut-off oldies from my dance studio years and a flared pair with a too-loose waistband by Victoria's Secret Pink. My favorite (and newest) pair is from Opening Ceremony, produced in collaboration with the release of "Spring Breakers" back in 2013. 

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I decided to turn to the boutique retailer again for another pair and, luckily, a sweatshirt-and-pant outfit by Kenzo was recently featured on its homepage. The "jog pants" (far too classy to be called "sweatpants") have a drawstring waistband, ribbed cuffs, back pockets and the "Kenzo" graphic printed on the leg, which makes it a great addition to my current inventory of logo-adorned sweatpants. The tonal beige hue probably won't hide any foreseeable Doritos stains, but it doesn't look like I'll be going out in public anyway.

Kenzo Jog Pants, $280, available at

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