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Lea Seydoux Says So Long to Prada, Hello to Louis Vuitton

She's the fashion ambassador equivalent of a serial monogamist.
Lea Seydoux in Prada at the royal film performance of "Spectre." Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

Lea Seydoux in Prada at the royal film performance of "Spectre." Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

Lea Seydoux would look beautiful in literally anything, but over the past few years, her relationship with Prada and Miu Miu (she's starred in campaigns for both) begat an array of particularly winning looks. During her recent press tour for the James Bond film "Spectre," she wore Miuccia's designs almost exclusively, and did so with aplomb. Alas, it seems that tour was the swan song for their sartorial relationship.

On Friday, Louis Vuitton announced that it had scooped up the French actress for its own promotional purposes. According to the brand, she will make her first official appearance as its new face on Jan. 12 at the UNICEF ball in Los Angeles on the arm of Nicolas Ghesquière, wearing a custom gown of his design.

"I feel extremely proud at the thought of representing such a strong symbol of French elegance, an iconic brand whose initials are known the world over," said Seydoux, a strong symbol of French elegance herself, in a statement. She will also star in ad campaigns for the label, though there's no word yet on when they will debut. She joins an already-strong lineup of Louis Vuitton/Ghesquière ambassadors that includes Alicia Vikander most recently, as well as Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly.

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We look forward to seeing what Lea and her sister, stylist Camille Seydoux, do with the many Louis Vuitton gowns they surely now have access to. While Lea's partnership with Prada was a great one, we're always proponents of switching things up contract-wise every so often so as to avoid wearing the same designer over and over again for years, to boring effect. You know who we're talking about.