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Marc Jacobs Casts Bella Hadid, Bette Midler, Lana Wachowski in Spring Campaign

The advertisements double as a "visual diary," Jacobs says.

After casting an all-star flock of musicians, actors, models and Smith children in his fall 2015 campaign, Marc Jacobs has once again taken to Instagram to begin dropping images of his spring 2016 ads, and this time, the concept is a little different. As Jacobs wrote upon posting the first photo from the series, "The spectrum of individuals photographed in our Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign represent a celebration of my America."

Jacobs kicked off the release with a portrait of Lana Wachowski, who directed "The Matrix" and "Cloud Atlas" with her brother Andy and landed on the designer's radar after giving a speech about coming out as transgender at a Human Rights Campaign gala in 2012. (Check it out here.)  

"She expressed thoughts and ideas that have filled my head and heart always but had never been so eloquently captured in language that was so tangible, intelligent, poignant and full of possibility," Jacobs wrote of Wachowski, who attended his runway show during New York Fashion Week in September. "I found myself referencing Lana's words in my daily life and sharing her speech with close friends."

It's a joyful photo, and an even better premise for a campaign. Watch this space for the rest of the series.

Update 1: On Jan. 10, Jacobs released an image of his second campaign star, comedian and vocal proponent of gay rights Sandra Bernhard. "Sandra's comedic consciousness, integrity and genuineness is harsh, hard and authentic," Jacobs writes.

Update 2: On Jan. 14, the next campaign portrait went live, featuring Bette Midler, a perfect partner for Jacobs's glamorous, theatrical spring collection. Jacobs toasted the actress and singer on Instagram: "To her beauty, her brass, her glamour. To that energy, vitality, verve, nerve and curve…"

Update 3: Two more additions to the campaign arrived Jan. 18: Up-and-coming models Veronika Vilim, a native New Yorker, and Kiki Willems, a Saint Laurent favorite hailing from the Netherlands.

Update 4: The hits keep coming. On Friday, Jan. 22, Jacobs dropped a portrait of another campaign star, Dan Donigan. A former Marc Jacobs store employee, coincidentally, Donigan has carved out a career in drag performance under the stage name Milk. (Yes, he was also on "RuPaul's Drag Race.")

Update 5: On Tuesday, Jacobs added Adriana Lima and Joan Smalls to his campaign, noting the former's ability to "ooze sex appeal" while remaining kind and gentle and the latter's "beautiful chicness, heat and elegance." Not that casting either needs any justification.

Update 6: The whole Cleveland gang — legendary supermodel Pat Cleveland, her up-and-coming catwalker daughter Anna and son Noel — showed up for David Sims's campaign shoot, Jacobs revealed on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Update 7: On Jan. 28, Jacobs added the actresses Emmanuelle Seigner and Morgane Polanski to the roster, along with singer Oli Burslem, model Lili Sumner, Tracy Antonopoulos, Vinny Michaud, Mari Agory and Samantha York.

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Update 8: Juliette Lewis! With Alek Wek, Riley Montana, Ruby McCollister and Mattia Pardini.

... then Bette again, with her daughter Sophie von Haselberg, Mattia Pardini and Ethan James Green.

Update 9: STILL GOING STRONG. Jamie Bochert! Molly Bair! The photographer Sofia Malamute! Model Glenn Galleghan!

ALSO, Beth Ditto and her wife, Kristin Ogata! Model Moses Gurman! Kiki Willems, again!

BELLA HADID, Y'ALL. IT'S NOT A SPRING CAMPAIGN UNTIL YOU'VE GOT A HADID IN THERE. With megamodels Guinevere Van Seenus and Julia Nobis and up-and-comer Cierra Skye! And dancer James Whiteside and Dan Donigan AKA MILK. Again!

Update 10,000: Also starring in Marc Jacobs's spring campaign... Marc Jacobs! 

Plus, Eliot Sumner, Lucie Von Alten, Issa Lish, Lexi Boling, Marjan Jonkman and Marcelo Gutierrez.

Also featuring Christina Ricci and Drew Droege, a.k.a. Chloë Sevigny.

Emily Ratajkowski, who made her first runway appearance for Marc Jacobs last September, and Sky Ferreira also turned up for the shoot.

And, the singer Andra Day!

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