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17 Menswear Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram

Editors, stylists, photographers and dudes who dress well.
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Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

The menswear industry isn't exactly new, but lately its market has been booming. So much so that retailers are thrilled; men's fashion weeks across the globe, such as London last month, are growing; and newspapers and magazines are devoting regular offshoots towards men's style. And if you happen play a part in any of that, well, lucky you.

So with the second-ever New York Fashion Week: Men's kicking off next week, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite menswear enthusiasts on Instagram. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the fun everyone is having, whether as a creative director, editor, photographer or a dude who just dresses really well? Follow these guys.

Michael Baquerizo

Profession: Stylist
Follower count: 686
Handle: @a_collector
With clients like Gentry NYC, Steven Alan and Nepenthes New York, stylist Michael Baquerizo keeps you up-to-date with his latest work, on-location shoots and street style finds, providing plenty of inspiration for future fits. (Did we say that right?)

Skylar Bergl

Profession: Writer at Complex
Follower count: 2,509
Handle: @s.kylar
According to Skylar Bergl's #bestnine of 2015, photographing sneakers against a white background is his forte. Aside from that, he's perfected his own menswear uniform and frequently posts from his travels, launch events and store and showroom visits — along with a few photos of his adorable pup.

Giotto Calendoli

Profession: Designer and Blogger at The Atelier
Follower count: 100K
Handle: @giottocalendoli
Milan-based Giotto Calendoli is a familiar face when it comes to street style roundups from men's fashion weeks in Europe. It helps when you have arm candy, too. Calendoli runs The Atelier, a lifestyle blog, with his girlfriend Patricia Manfield.

Jian DeLeon

Profession: Freelance writer
Follower count: 8,628
Handle: @jiandeleon
From recent posts, you're probably wondering why New York-based Jian DeLeon is dabbing in the snow-covered streets of Aspen with a Gucci bag in hand. Such is the life of a freelance writer. The former Complex editor's Instagram feed usually highlights what he's up to — and what he's wearing — in the name of fashion journalism.

Alexander Fury

Profession: Fashion critic and journalist
Follower count: 23.6K
Handle: @alexanderfury
As Vogue Runway's first men's critic (and the fashion editor for The Independent), it's only right to keep an eye on what Fury is up to during NYFW: Men's — and through the rest of Fashion Month, too. Be sure to read his captions for a good laugh.

Jacob Gallagher

Profession: Men's Fashion Editor at Off Duty, The Wall Street Journal
Follower count: 3,012
Handle: @jacobwgallagher
Having gained his menswear knowledge while writing for A Continuous Lean, GQ and Esquire, Jacob Gallagher has a penchant for high-end and heritage brands alike. Expect to see things like a runway look from Prada, photos from the RRL store or even an interiors shot of a vintage showroom in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Matthew Henson

Profession: Fashion Editor at Complex 
Follower count: 13.1K
Handle: @matthew.henson
Likely to document the finale of a runway show, a showroom visit or photo shoot, Matthew Henson shows you what it's like to be a fashion editor from the front lines. But that doesn’t mean it's all work and no play. As his feed suggests, Henson makes time to party, hit the beach and raid the snack table backstage.

Kim Jones

Profession: Men's Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton
Follower count: 88.7K
Handle: @mrkimjones
As the Men's Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, chances are Kim Jones's Instagram will be filled with plenty of LV monograms. (And that's not a bad thing.) But what’s better is the visual sense he provides of what it's like to lead a luxury fashion house.

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Jim Moore

Profession: Creative Director at GQ
Follower count: 66.7K
Handle: @jimmooregq
As the head of all things fashion and style for GQ, Jim Moore gives his followers an inside look at the life of a tastemaker on the go. Whether he's posting a run-of-show photo backstage at Paul Smith in Paris or showing you a first look of the newest cover shoot, Moore's feed is an up-to-date collage of what excites him in the menswear world.

Bruce Pask

Profession: Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman
Follower count: 44.2K
Handle: @brucepask
Before joining Bergdorf Goodman in 2014, Bruce Pask was a fashion director at T Magazine, Cargo and GQ, so his industry cred runs deep. In addition to posting about all things men's fashion, Pask will likely strike your inner wanderlust as he travels around the world from a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands to fashion week in Tokyo.

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Profession: Photographer
Follower count: 46K
Handle: @garconjon
Jonathan Daniel Pryce is an award-winning fashion and street style photographer whose specialty is men's fashion. When he's not documenting the show-goers during a men's fashion week, he's traveling for work or publishing books like "Gentlemen" and "100 Beards."

James Ralston

Profession: Buyer at Carson Street
Follower count: 731
Handle: @jl.ralston
As a buyer at menswear shop Carson Street in New York City, we expect James Ralston has a busy schedule at this season's NYFW: Men's. And if his Instagram account is any indication, chances are he'll be documenting a slew of shows and market appointments along the way.

Lawrence Schlossman

Profession: Brand Director at Grailed
Follower count: 13.5K
Handle: @sartoriallyinc
Complex and Four Pins alum Lawrence Schlossman has a winning formula to his feed: good photos of menswear and a cute French bulldog named Pepper. Follow him on Twitter, too. It's just as entertaining.

Alessandro Squarzi

Profession: Consultant
Follower count: 80.1K
Handle: @alessandrosquarzi
Touted as "the master of Italian sprezz" by Tommy Ton, Alessandro Squarzi's personal style effortlessly mixes classic and trend-worthy pieces for a timeless look, which makes him a street style legend. Follow and learn.

Tommy Ton

Profession: Photographer 
Follower count: 286K
Handle: @tommyton
A mainstay at nearly every major fashion week around the world, Tommy Ton and his eagle eye for detail creates a photo feed filled with behind-the-scenes photos and his signature close-up shots from the runway and the streets.

Kris Van Assche

Profession: Artistic Director for Dior Homme
Follower count: 108K
Handle: @kris_van_assche
Similar to Jones's case, Kris Van Assche runs Dior Homme, so expect to see a lot of the menswear brand, and A$AP Rocky, from the Belgian designer.

Nick Wooster

Profession: Free agent
Follower count: 574K
Handle: @nickwooster
The #menswear gawd. If you’re reading this and not already following him on Instagram it’s too late. Just kidding. But still. Do it.

Editor's Note: Ian Connor, who was originally included in this article upon publishing, has been removed due to growing allegations against him. 

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