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On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Spencer Gets Patriotic and Hanna Loses Her Mind

And Sarah is starting to really creep us out with those gloves.
Screengrab: Freeform

Screengrab: Freeform

The Pretty Little Liars are now proper grown-ups making their own grown-up decisions, both in life and in fashion. This has worked out better for some than others. Hanna has seemed stressed — perhaps with work or the boring fiancé she may or may not really be in love with or the fact that her best friend is dating her ex, and she allowed it — resulting in some inconsistent outfit choices. Aria has really taken control of her life and career, and her clothing has been equally confident — in a good way. Spencer, who sweetly wants to help her ruthless mom run for Senate, stuck to a red, white and blue color palette this episode, and it worked surprisingly well. And Emily, well...if the writers and costume designers want us to feel bad for her, they're all doing their jobs well.

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