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Rihanna Could Probably Sell You a Jeep if She Tried

A new study claims that Rihanna is the most marketable celebrity.
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

With endorsements deals ranging from high-end campaigns for Dior to limited edition designs for Puma, Rihanna possesses the ability to successfully market any brand she puts her hands, face and name on. And now the proof is in the data, released on Wednesday by The NPD Group's Brandlink, a database that helps brands assess the marketability of big-name celebrities. In its new ranking, Riri came out on top as the most marketable celebrity, just above Beyoncé and with Ne-Yo and Usher tied for third. 

The singer's score, based on the total number of brands for whom she would be a strong endorser, is 367, which is three times higher than your average A-list celebrity, including Angelina Jolie. But what caught our attention is Brandlink's claim that, out of all of the brands Rihanna's fans are likely to be interested in, the automobile company Jeep would be the best match for the pop star. Huh. We suppose if Rihanna can get behind a sock label and a tech company, a billion-dollar car brand makes sense too. So if you see her joyriding in a Jeep Wrangler in her next stylish music video, you'll know exactly why.

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