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The Blouse That's Motivating Eliza to Dress Up for Work

We thought the day would never come.
Second Female "Fenda" blouse, $102.60, available at Second Female.

Second Female "Fenda" blouse, $102.60, available at Second Female.

I first learned of the Copenhagen-based Second Female in a small boutique this past year. It was a heady retail experience: While perusing one rack, I landed on a row of pieces from the label, found the first item appealing, and began flicking through the hangers, faster and faster, amazed that I liked all of them. Apparently I was so overcome with adrenaline that I blacked out entirely and can't tell you at which store I had this monumental discovery. I didn't buy anything, so there's no receipt trail to follow.

What I do know is that I recently happened upon one of Second Female's own stores in Amsterdam, and immediately hustled in to check out the goods, which were on holiday markdown. The brand is like a northern European version of Vince, with strength in knitwear, blouses and the sort of low-key, modern basics that don't necessarily drive fashion forward but could quickly come to occupy a sizable portion of your closet if you're not paying attention. I fell in love with a number of long-sleeved tops that loosely skim the body, including this one with a high neckline and crimson stripes. Given that my new year's style resolution was to start dressing up a little more for work — substituting a blouse for a sweatshirt being the quantum leap I'm trying to make — I should probably consider letting pieces like this take over my closet sooner rather than later.

Second Female "Fenda" blouse, $102.60, available at Second Female.

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